UStream: Siva’s Blogging Presentation @ MDIS

As you all know, I’m into blogs, education and social activism, so today I trailed Siva once again who turned up as a guest speaker for a Communications class at the Management Development Institute Of Singapore (MDIS). Instead of bringing my wearable cam today, I tried something different…

If you actually visit my blog, you’d have noticed a strange widget on my sidebar with the words ““. Think of it as live webcasting for the rest of us. As long as you can get an internet connection (e.g. wired, wifi, EVDO), a web cam, and a computer with a web browser, you’re all set.

In my case, I had the convenience of using my “Ultimate Blogging Machine“, the Sony Vaio UX, which has two camera (front and back). Maintaining a wifi connection, I was actually broadcasting his class 4hrs ago, viewable from my blog sidebar (as announced via Twitter).

When the educator running the MDIS class said how amazing blogging is, I explained that it was getting more dramatic, especially in terms of speed. Think of it this way…

My Average Time to Publish…
Web sites (1 day / checking links, archiving old pages)
Blog Post (30 mins or so / depending on article)
Flickr (15min / I tag responsibly)
Twitter (2 min / I watch what I say)
UStream (1 min / Real-time as it happens!)

A few weeks back, Siva timed his interns from zero to having the first blog post up using and they clocked in at four minutes. Quite amazing starting from scratch, but even more amazing that the complexities of our online world have broken down that fast. It’s only a matter of time when both our physical and online worlds would be completely in sync, allowing you to traverse either terrains as if you’re already there.

Aside 1: You can check out Siva’s keynotes from his presentation via his blog.

Aside 2: I’ll be turning on my UStream video feed whenever I get the chance, so click that widget’s play button when you see a new image there.

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  1. IZ Reloaded: It’s my protest against Apple’s lack of a sub-portable computer. You should see the amount of gear I carry when I head out, it’s like going on mission.

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