Remember Chek Jawa with Siva @ Tanjong Katong Sec School

Tanjong Katong Sec School nature conservation talk with Siva and friends - 15
From left to right: TKSS teacher (?), Dionne, Grace, Siva, Eric, Ruoyu and Danliang. See the entire photo set…

Date: Friday, 11th May 2007 // Time: 0800-1430hrs // Location: TKSS & East Coast Road

Last Friday, I caught up with Siva and his nature conservation friends as they went to talk to students at Tanjong Katong Secondary School. When I arrived, the students were all watching “Remember Chek Jawa“, an independent film about how local volunteers helped saved a significant piece of Pulau Ubin from reclamation. They did so by contributing feedback to local government just before development of Chek Jawa, which eventually led to deferment of reclamation.

This was followed by Siva’s talk about marine life, threats and the International Coastal Cleanup which the Tanjong Katong Secondary School students would be embarking on.

After the presentation, I got to talk to film maker Eric Lim about “Remember Chek Jawa”. When I asked about his budget, I learned that it was a labor of love, since he used his own video camera and got friends to share advice on how he should edit his documentary. It’s a pity that the public hasn’t had a chance to see this… it’s quite an emotional video. You’ll see Singaporeans bonding together for a common cause, going through hardship traversing through mangrove swamps in the wee morning, then spending hours under the sun digging up segments of the low-tide beach for samples of marine life.

Given that it’s also a film where citizens actually managed to convince their government to change their plans, it felt like our very own version of “The Inconvenient Truth”. It was a silent protest, one where the action of many displayed love for our disappearing natural habitats. Hopefully some resolution could be made to screen this publicly, perhaps by sharing it via Google Video.

Besides Eric Lim, I also got to meet Siva’s new Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research interns, Danliang and Ruoyu. Take a look at their intern blog where you’ll see reports of what they’ve learned working under Siva. There were also nature volunteers, Grace Leng and Dionne Teo, both of whom also run CreativeKids Pte Ltd, where they develop creative learning programs for kids.

Aside: Siva’s working on International Museum Day 2007 activities for Raffles Museum. Check it out here…

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  1. Wow, rare photo of Eric. Gosh, I forgot this even happened; seems like so long ago, thanks for posting!

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