theorycast.22 :: My blogging cameo on Hi! tech (TV show)

theorycast.22 :: My blogging cameo on Hi! tech (TV show)
Show Guest: Me (argh!) • Location: Film Formations studio

Last month I mentioned how there was a children’s television series I was helping out, called Hi! tech. Episode two was about blogging so they had me cameo as the first guest on the show. This is just the segment where I appear, and it’s where I explain what blogging is, how to start one, the different kinds of blogs out there, how to “get popular”, as well as how to be safe while having fun online. We also talked about why we blog, but as with most television programmes, things get edited out due to time constraints.

9 thoughts on “theorycast.22 :: My blogging cameo on Hi! tech (TV show)

  1. I was actually trying out a moustache and goatee at that time. Looks like it’s not working out as planned. Argh, me so ugly!

  2. Professional blogger? You can put that on your name card.

    “Come, come… Uncle show you how to make blob.”

  3. Yeah, u looked like a natural…as i watched it, i felt i was sitting through another lecture again! hahaha.. and..ermm..yeah… y didn’t they “let” u shave kevn!! =)

  4. @DK: Yes I do. I was thinking for cutting it and giving it to her once I have more time.
    @nuMentally: Kinda cheesy I know. But sometimes we just need to simplify.
    @Ivan: Thanks. I’ve spent a lot of time working in the media, so I guess it’s nothing frightening to me.
    @Valerie: Point taken. Mustache doesn’t work. I really need an image consultant. 😛

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