TikiBar TV: Kevin Rose cameo “diggs” at DRM

TikiBar TV cameo: Kevin Rose makes a "digg" at DRM future

I love videocasts… you’d find all sorts of shows you don’t find anywhere else. When I’ve got downtime, I head to the Podcast section of the iTunes Store to shop for more videocasts (free of course).

I was just checking in on my subscriptions when I saw that Tikibar TV had a new episode. I don’t know about you, but this has got to be the most geekest and funniest episode ever. If you’re a self-professed geek, you’ll soon discover a ton of geeky references in this latest episode of Tikibar TV, Blue Hawaiian.

Spoiler Alert!

Some references include:
1. Kevin Rose cameos and says DRM is the future (thus those numbers)
2. “Linux runs off of 2 primary ports, the usb port, and the Leo La-porte”
3. “The internet is run by a series of Linux machines run by the tiki god Ubuntu”

Just watch it already!

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