In the Netherlands? Check out this Second Life Conference…

Second Life in the Netherlands Conference Brochure

Check out this Second Life conference held in the Netherlands. Now I can’t read Dutch to save my life, and that’s even though my earliest girlfriend was half-dutch. So I did the next best thing: Bablefish machine translation:

You hear everything concerning: ? Newest developments and results in the virtual world? The behaviour of your virtual consumer? Your marketing chances with 3D-internet? future expectation and consequences on your policy? Gouden tips, falcon owls and edge conditions for success PLUS: unique insights of dé preambles such as Essent – ING – municipality zoetermeer everyone whom wants know which (on)mogelijkheden 3D-internet to independent platform offer!

Gouden tips and falcon owls does sound pretty exciting, but really, from what I understand (which is quite little), the conference covers various applications about Second Life, from doing business to education. It also looks like several major corporations are involved. It’s interesting to see how “big” Second Life can be outside of the States.

Incidentally, I got wind of this through conference manager Annemarie. She had found some of my Second Life images on Flickr and asked if she could use them for her conference brochure. I of course said yesssss.

4 thoughts on “In the Netherlands? Check out this Second Life Conference…

  1. That’s so increadibly funny: “Valkuilen” translated into “Falken Owls. True, ‘Valk-uilen’ translated into English would become ‘falcon-owls’. However, in this context, ‘val-kuilen’ would be more appropriate. Val-kuilen translated into English is ‘Trap doors’.
    By the way, ‘Gouden tips’ is perhaps best translated as ‘Golden hints’.
    I hope this helps you somehow.

    The Netherlands.
    PS: Congrats with your appearance on TV!

  2. So surprised to see my native language appearing on your blog site 🙂
    Interesting blog site you have by the way, found it on the BlogOut site. I’ll probably be seeing you there tomorrow night!

    to help you a bit – here is my translation of the Dutch text:

    “Lessons learned from Second Life and virtual opportunities for your own organisation”

    You’ll hear all about:
    – Latest developments and results in the virtual world
    – The behaviour of the virtual consumer
    – Your market chances when using 3D-internet
    – Expectations for the future and consequences for your business policies
    – Golden tips, pitfalls and conditions for success

    PLUS: unique insights of the pioneers like Essent, ING, Zoetermeer township

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