Finally got to see mrbrown’s studio…

@ mrbrown's studio
As seen direct from my wearable cam, which mrbrown quickly admires. Sorry, no videos for privacy reasons.

So yesterday evening, I finally got to meet mrbrown.

How did it go?

I was actually there with Bernard for something else which we can’t talk about (wish I could). On the flip-side, this gave me the opportunity to meet mrbrown in person.

Brown first offered me his “golden” name card, asked me whether I was done with grad school, chatted about a particular hottie we both knew in person, and finally proceeded to show me around his impressive podcasting studio, which has grown in gadgetry since.

Located on the east side of Singapore, this studio was on an upper floor of an unassuming shophouse. Such was home to the creative minds behind popular podcasts such as The mrbrown show and See What Show.

Having worked with him before, Adrianna had earlier painted a pretty accurate picture of the place to me. It didn’t feel so much like an office, but more of a hangout filled with arcade machines, game consoles, pool tables, Star Wars toys and comic books… literally a geek’s dream workplace come true.

In our private conversation, I got to squeeze off questions I’ve always had for him, such as how he managed to pull this whole gig off. He took risks, worked creatively and was overall passionate about his audience. One thing’s for sure though, he knows how to live life. Before his DOTA and Battlefield 2 buddies hijacked him, I asked if he was living a second childhood. He thought yes at first, then he said, “I never really grew up”.

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