theorycast.21 :: How Do You Blog? (for ubergeeks only)

theorycast.21 :: How Do You Blog?
Show Guest: Siva (aka Otterman) • Location: Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research

As you know from last week, I trailed Siva for a day while he did his rounds as a biodiversity researcher / national heritage geek. As a biology academic, Siva is well-known for his conservation efforts around Singapore, saving and preserving many species of endangered wildlife.

In the evening, we retired back to the Raffles Museum, where we dined on Canadian Pizzas (2 for 1!) and went into our Mac “god mode”. He wanted to me show him RapidWeaver as he needed to build museum web sites quickly. Before we got down to business though, I had him show me how he blogged as a way for me to suggest an efficient workflow. This video shows his ubergeek blogging style, which makes me wonder… How do the rest of you blog?

Popular Singapore photoblogger, Keropokman, shared his blogging technique. Here’s mine:
1a) If photograph, import to iPhoto, name/tag, batch upload to web using FlickrExport.
1b) If videograph, edit / compress with Quicktime, upload to Youtube / Google Video.
2) Size and embed photo/video to fit 500px width in blog.
3) Scratch head, then proceed to type out blog story.
4) Publish, Pray for the best, Sleep.
5) Wake up, rub eyes, check readership, revel in self-proclaimed popularity.

Wanna join in? Title your post as “Sharing my blogging kungfu” and trackback here for kicks.

Before you go…
Siva has the backstory on his blog…

11 thoughts on “theorycast.21 :: How Do You Blog? (for ubergeeks only)

  1. not as complicated as siva.

    1. plug in memory stick into usb, it will launch iPhoto, import photos to iPhoto.
    2. select photo to post for the day, drag it to the Fireworks icon at the Dock.
    3. resize my photos to 30% of its orig size, put in my name at one corner, export to desktop.
    4. login to blogger, import photo(s), blog about it, then click publish.
    5. discard the resized photos. everything takes 5-10 mins a day. faster on days when I can skip step 1, when the photos to posts are already in iPhoto 🙂

    errr. on days when i blog using a PC, it takes a longer time lah… hehe..

  2. @keropokman: Coming from a massive photoblogger like yourself, this makes sense. You should blog about this… maybe turn this into a meme so we can all share our “Blog Kungfu”. Heck, I’ll update this post to reflect that!

  3. Kevin,

    One word, WOW!

    Having so many programs on a windows machine just to blog I can understand. But on a Mac?

    Ironically, I blog to my wordpress blog on a windows machine using Windows Live Writer. That and a graphic program to resize or touch up blog images.

    Classic role reversal.

  4. @Straydog: One thing unique about your blog which people might not know is that you host it from home. Why don’t you share more about that? Are there any advantages to doing it this way?

  5. Groan, that looked worse than it was.

    The geek wannabe in me says, “using the mouse was a courtesy to the video. I usually use cmd-up/down and return to navigate!”

    Thanks Kevin, that was fun!

    I expanded the Coda post to this:

  6. Not really actually, since that makes you the tech support should anything goes wrong. Besides, if the machine died, that’s it.

    It’s only good if you want to learn how it is done (as a techie).

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