SharedCopy: Share annotated web pages without fuss!

I first heard about SharedCopy when I read WebSG’s “Interviews with Singapore’s Next Gen Hackers: Choonkeat“, written by Divya.

As some of you might know, Choon Keat came up with, an RSS to email service for the rest of us. This time with SharedCopy, he’s come up with something really innovative. As James Seng puts it, SharedCopy is like a hybrid of “ + tinyurl + annotation + google cache”.

In detail, “[i]t is an web application that allows you to annotate & markup any website, made a permanent copy of that page and then share it with your friends. Above all, we do it without any external program or browser plugins, just pure AJAX”.

There are lots of things you can do with it, and I think this would go exceptionally well with academics and businesses alike. There are even tips on making it work with BaseCamp and Twitter!

It’s nice to see innovative Singaporean web developers…
Have SharedCopy?

4 thoughts on “SharedCopy: Share annotated web pages without fuss!

  1. I like the idea although I swear I’ve seen it somewhere else before. Anyway, how do you annotate dynamic content? A simple example would be a blog which has content pushed down every time a post is added. Do the annotations follow the flow? Just thought it’ll be a little silly to point to something only to have it be another the next day.

  2. @Ben: You might be referring to the Singapore startup from eons ago called ThirdVoice? Anyway, I heard that there’s a Firefox extension called Web Marker which is close. The thing is SharedCopy does more… think of it simply as + tinyurl + annotation + google cache. A copy of the web page is saved, so annotation makes sense. I heard from James that the reason why SharedCopy isn’t public yet is because they want to try to put in more features, such as PDF export. Woah mama!

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