theorycast.20 :: The Geek Terminal Tour

theorycast.20 :: The Geek Terminal Tour
Show Guest: Chris (the CEO) • Location: Geek Terminal

Woah, two videocasts in one day? I’ve got to clear my video inbox and besides… this just can’t wait!

Located just a stone’s throw away from Raffles Place MRT, Geek Terminal is a conceptual space which looks to be a typical Internet cafe catering to the working professionals around Singapore’s financial district. Given it’s high-tech facilities, it happens to be a place to preview new gadgets (they’ve tie-ups with sponsors), organize meetups / corporate events (plenty of space), double up as a business centre, or just to have really good coffee or a meal with wine.

In this video, you’ll see Chris (the CEO) introduce us to some of the folks who help run Geek Terminal. This part reminds me of Apple Store’s Genius Bar, except that there’s the tech geek, wine geek, coffee geek, and so on. We also got to meet some of the people who happened to be there, including Benjamin Koe (find him familiar?), Nicolas & Emily (of ProjectSenso), Michael Cheng (of Podcast Gear Guide), and of course, the community who seemed to be trying out Second Life. Perhaps we’ll see a building in Lion City one day…

Chris also shows us some of the cutting-edge technology which makes Geek Terminal special, such as the on-demand positionable power sockets (anyone got the name?), the extra-rugged PVC chairs, the laptop-friendly tables, the sound-proof private rooms (that drilling is temporary), the server room (soon with load-balancer for massive bandwidth), the Ruckus wireless 802.11n wifi access points (Ben reviewed their MetroFlex model here), and finally the LED bar counter, programmable through Flash animation .swf files and remote control.

Wish to see lots of photos instead?
Then check out our photos from the Mac Meetup @ Geek Terminal. Since the community was there, you can also prepare to launch all your browser tabs for a multi-angled perspective of the place via blogs from the likes of Estee (coffee art video), DK, Keropokman (food pix), Hendri, Surfslayer, Tstar, Nicole, Michael Cheng, as well as Benjamin Koe.

Wish to head there yourself?
For those of you interested in visiting Geek Terminal, it’s located at 55 Market Street, #01-01, Singapore 048941. It’s a short walk from the Raffles Place MRT as seen on this map. They open daily from 7.30am to 10.00pm, and you can call them at +65 6344 4547 to book their high-tech rooms for events.

Before you leave…
The Rambling Librarian remixes ideas from Geek Terminal into our libraries. Oh, and there’s a sneak peek at something I’m working on at the end of the clip…

11 thoughts on “theorycast.20 :: The Geek Terminal Tour

  1. Great video!! I actually watched right to the end! The tech at GEek Terminal is really really cool… feel like going down there soon!

  2. Interesting video indeed!

    Yes, you were right that you caught me in the video, but what was caught was a 2 sec clip of a headless person who from a mile saw that a camera was heading its way and quickly went off to the washroom. haha…

  3. Oh yes, you asked if anyone go the name of the strip power bar.

    It’s call Eubiq. First read about it last year in Kitchen Designs magazine. Wanted to have them for my future kitchen 🙂

  4. @DK: Right!

    @Su Yuen: Thanks.

    @Benjamin Koe: We could have dinner there… Perhaps invite Veron to do one of her famed food reviews.

    @Keropokman: Ah, which explains why a laptop had no owner when I went to greet each of you. Thanks for the Eubiq reference.

    @Lucian: Ah. Fixed. Thanks!

  5. Just visiting Sg as a tourist. A friend had recommeded you, and the video was attractive enough to make me want to come and see you all in person, which I will now do. The video is perhaps a little too long. Suggest dividing it into three or more with a menu structure, starting with an intro, and offering more specialised technical choices, perhaps include a few views from outside in the intro showing how to get there.

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