theorycast.19 :: Using the Ruckus MetroFlex on Wireless@SG

theorycast.19 :: Using the Ruckus MetroFlex on Wireless@SG
Show Guest: Benjamin Koe • Location: Geek Terminal

According to Ben Koe, the Ruckus MetroFlex DZ is basically a super-powered WiFi receiving antenna that plugs directly into your computer’s Ethernet port. It’s so good, it’s rumored to be used at NASA (via Geek Terminal’s CEO, Chris).

This particular model of the Ruckus wireless series (MetroFlex DZ) is designed as a device to “extend” metropolitan WiFi signals and bring them into the house or office premise. In this review, Ben shows how it works on Wireless@SG, which would really be the first of such an attempt in Singapore.

Finally, as you’ll see in our video conversation, Ben has a neat blogger’s story about how he came to be the first to try this out…

5 thoughts on “theorycast.19 :: Using the Ruckus MetroFlex on Wireless@SG

  1. very nice – fun to watch and educational. We’re coming out with a very slick Wizard you’ll like and the device currently supports dual zone capabilities (receiver to Wi-Fi node, AP broadcasting to other devices indoors).

    great piece….keep up the good work.

  2. Wow… receiver and AP in one device? Man, ISPs can re-think broadband access soon. Instead of by cable, we can have over-the-air access. Will Ruckus be doing the same for WiMAX?

    Motorola does that with Canopy. It’s like wireless DSL. =)

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