Video: Gala Finals of “Short & Sweet Singapore” (10min short plays)

Thanks to my dad, I got to watch the gala finals of Short & Sweet Singapore, held at the Recital Theatre of the Esplanade.

Having its roots in Australia, Short & Sweet is a clever festival where 10 minute plays are presented by budding artistes, writers and directors, then selected by judges and the audience (i.e. people’s choice). Having a successful run in Singapore for the past few weeks, nine plays eventually made it to the gala finals event tonight.

Before stepping into the theatre, I initially thought that this was going to be a rojak (messy) experience. Ten plays with 10mins each didn’t seem like much time to me… but it worked. While each play had completely different storylines, each was good enough to tug my heart in different directions. From witty humor to lovelorn sadness, ten minutes were all that was needed to give you a spectrum of life as conceived by writers and directors from all over (mostly Singaporeans in this case). Death, love, stereotypes, confusion, memories, were just some of the areas explored. Each was like an elevator pitch, but one where the currency was emotion.

My dad and I made some of our own picks after watching these short but poignant plays. As the results were announced, I think my sense of drama has improved since my selection of “Exchanges” won in several categories, including Best Actor Runner-Up, Best Actress (doesn’t Janice Koh looks like Tan Keng Wah?), and Best Overall Production.

5 thoughts on “Video: Gala Finals of “Short & Sweet Singapore” (10min short plays)

  1. Yay! I see that you liked “4 seconds” too! Maybe I’m being bais, because my friend acted in that one (he’s the one in light blue). He has improved a hell lot since our school drama club days ­čśŤ

    And I love How To as well. It’s so bloody Singaporean, and the actors get to roll around in their arm chairs!

    As for Exchanges, I don’t really enjoy the ending, because it leaves us thinking: “What the heck is in that paperbag she passed him?”

  2. @JY: “4 seconds” had tension, which I liked. was fun, and as for Exchanges, it was complex, yet simply understood by some of us who has experienced and lost the novelty of love. I wouldn’t fret about what was in the bag… it’s just a device to keep you thinking. Like real life, we never know the truth, so we make the best of it and move on. ­čÖé

  3. Hei. Glad you liked 4 seconds.. ­čÖé

    It was written by an incredible writer and directed by one of the best director, Christina Sergeant!

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