Photos: Mac Meetup @ Geek Terminal

mac meetup @ geek terminal

Here are photos from the Mac meetup at the soon-to-officially-open Geek Terminal last night.

The place is really wired up with some nifty technology, so we had a good time talking about on-demand power sockets (there are power tracks on the floor), space-age 802.11n antennas, Siemens’ new VoIP wifi phones, UMPCs (arguably my Sony UX vs. Poseidon’s OQO model 2), filing patents in Singapore, their LED Flash-enabled bar counter (great for geeky ah-bengs!), and so on. As you’ve realized by now, I too barely remembered talking about Macs, so perhaps we all got carried away talking about our other geek interests.

I’ve captured a lot of videos from the event, including a demo of the soon to be released OQO model 2. I love the usability of it, especially the keyboard which beats the Sony UX keyboard hands down. Will need more time to share these videos… I need to find a better way to organize my media.

Anyway, besides my photos, check out Siva’s photos as well as Kenneth’s photos of the event.

For those of you interested in visiting Geek Terminal, it’s located at 55 Market Street, #01-01, Singapore 048941. It’s a short walk from the Raffles Place MRT as seen on this map. They open daily from 7.30am to 10.00pm, and you can call them at +65 6344 3547 to book their high-tech rooms for events. Velly nice!

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  1. Benjamin: Ah now that you mentioned it, this was what you bought last time right? Yes, it’s suppose to provide extreme coverage (they said it was initially developed by NASA) and it was transmitting 802.11n signals. You’ll definitely like the place Ben… there are other nifty things in there.

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