Exams over. School’s out. What’s next?

I so want to do this: Lip Dub – Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger

OK, so I’ve handed in the final grades for my classes, packed up my stuff at work (UB/SIM) and I’m about to move out of my apartment. What will I be doing from now till I return to Buffalo? Here are some recent thoughts:

Teaching is fun. Being so, it didn’t really feel like work that much. Granite (ahem!) I’m was situated in an American satellite program in a Singaporean school, so I had the kind of creative freedom other teachers could only dream of (like I totally exploited it!). It’s pretty psychologically fulfilling too, since not only do you help shape young (sometimes overtly-complicated) minds, it also happens to be the best way to keep learning. As my dad would say, to learn something better, teach it. If you are motivated enough to share your knowledge, you’ll definitely pick up things you might have otherwise taken for granite. As you can tell by now, I do plan to continue teaching in future. Damn, it pays well.

Meantime, I’ve to work on a few academic papers. One’s an update on China’s Great Firewall, while the other’s on how my UB colleague and I made our classes more game-like using blogs. I’m also trying to get my dissertation proposal going…

Work aside, I wanted to do this lipdubbing thing (see video above) with my class in public (aka “flashpunking”?). Some might say started with the Chinese Backstreet Boys, but I think got really refined by Jakob Lodwick, as seen doing Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy in the subway. If even a five year old Japanese kid could do it, I figure why can’t the rest of us try this sometime too. Anyone?

To tide me over the lack of music and dance, I’m working on one two interesting videoblogging projects. Saying this helps commit me to it, and as with everything else, it’s better to show the goods when its ready, than to bullshit talk like it already happened now.

11 thoughts on “Exams over. School’s out. What’s next?

  1. There are 2 things that can’t be found in UB (but are rumored to be there)… The pay scale of every employee (Professors down to janitors) and the policy that if the instructors do not appear on time for class, students have to wait 10mins for instructors without PhD and 20mins for those with PhDs.

  2. I’ve always vowed not to teach..ever. But now that you mention good pay…hmm..I might just reconsider.

    Btw, rumor has it that this year’s orientation (on the 4th of May) has a flashmobbing item that will be going on in Orchard Road. Did you by any chance give the Activities committee that idea? LOL.

  3. Hi Kevin, I’m glad you had a good experince teaching in Singapore. Teaching can be extremely rewarding. I fully agree with you, teaching is a great way to learn. So, when will you be arriving back in Buffalo? Your wisdom and expertise have been missed.

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