To my students: Good Luck for your exams!

Calm before the storm...

I know this exam week will be tough on you: some will take it lightly, some will be totally serious about it. I’ve been there done that for the longest time, so my advice to you is to pace yourselves. Take breaks and stay fresh. Study smart by feeling the subject, not merely memorizing it. Lastly, if you’re in doubt about any of the questions, just imagine what I would say about it.

My biggest gripe (and many of my teaching colleagues agree) is having the wonderfully good students do badly, while the nasty arrogant students do extremely well.

Be streetwise and don’t over-analyze the questions. If you believe from your gut about something, chances are that you’re probably right. Trust yourself and may the force be with you.

19 thoughts on “To my students: Good Luck for your exams!

  1. yup! thanks sir. will do our best.
    when did u take this pic? our exam suppose to be tommorow rite?

  2. Mariani: The exam’s over… where were you? Just joking! This was taken just before you guys came in for the mid-term exam.

  3. Thank you so much for your wishes. Yes hope that we can all do well. So we can always drop a line here right? I just rem your website! keep in touch.

  4. Monica: Subscribing to the RSS feed for my blog would be good, but I’ve bettered a way for all of us to keep in abreast of changes. Check your email for details.

  5. Kevin: Three words describe you -dedicated, passionate and true. Many thanks for your kind wishes!

  6. Thanks for the words of encouragement! This has been a great semester, I have learnt many things from your classes! And I know all of us appreciate how interesting you try to make the classes. All the best in your future endevours (=

  7. i believe from e comments displayed here, you alrdy got a sneek peek into wad is to come fer ur feedback review form.
    thanx kevin, its been a pleasure to hav you fer 2 modules dis sem~

  8. @Everyone: Even though I’m giving the exam, I do feel just as nervous as anyone taking it. I want all to do well.

    @Walter: Heh… Difference is that I didn’t have a ghetto class to start with. Most of the students were hardworking to begin with… the only magic I had to bring was “interestingness” to the classes.

  9. I just finished grading. Remember how 70% of the final grade was determined before the final? That’s helped everyone do well, especially those who did well in their blog assignments and presentations. No worries, lots of As and Bs. 🙂

  10. Don’t you just wonder if we’re all sucking up to get good grades? Haha….

    Hey, if they ever do a movie about you ala Michelle Pfeiffer in “Dangerous Minds” or Robin Williams in “Dead Poets Society”, don’t forget to recommend us as extras! We’ll bring authenticity to the film.=)

  11. @Everyone: You’re all welcomed. I serve to protect.

    @FelSong: You’re right. I guess I’ll give you lower grades then (just joking!). My blog’s spam filter is doubles as a lie detector so I know it’s all good. Argh, now that you’ve mentioned it, I should have named our mailing list with something more exciting, like “something something society”.

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