Finished filming episode two of “Hi! Tech”…

Filming "Hi! Tech" @ Film Formations - 7
From left to right: Nag (director), Daniel Koh (soundman), Jamie (young female presenter), Wenn (production assistant), Jasmine (female host), Woody Milintachinda (male host / thai celebrity), Michele (wardrobe assistant), Mike, Yen Loon (cameraman / old classmate), and Jerald (young male presenter)

Did you watch this weekend’s first episode of “Hi! Tech”?

I missed it, and I forgot to set the DVR to record it (aiyah!). In any case, they just wrapped up shooting the second episode of “Hi! Tech”. This episode is set to telecast this coming Saturday at 1.30pm on Kids Central (TV12) and will feature various young and enterprising bloggers.

Since I already teach this for a living, yours truly is in this episode as a “professional” to explain what blogs are, why people blog, how one could set one up, what we should be aware of (online safety), and how to be a popular blogger (start by making friends with other bloggers).

This was my second time visiting the production, and as such, I got know the cast and crew a little more intimately as you can see in the photo above. Most of them are quite young and these sort of productions can be quite demanding on them. Imagine how they are filming even through the exam season! If you think they have it easy, think again.

I tried asking them for their blogs, but I only got Jamie’s one which is at Hopefully the rest of the cast and crew who sees this (yes, they do read my blog!), will drop a comment with links to their own blogs or web sites.

Meantime, here are photos from behind the scenes…

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  1. @DK: Don’t tell anyone, but I’m transhuman. I’ve upgraded my cranium housing to have Internet access so I’m never offline.

  2. Hey Kevin,

    Can you help me ask if Jasmine graduated from Chung Cheng High School (Main)? I think I know her. thanks!!

  3. Resourceful as always DK. Jasmine mentioned that she had a blog, but I can only imagine it being swamped by fans. Looks like she’s really up and coming, very friendly in person.

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