Video: Grand Finale // The COM125 Music & Blog Awards

As the Spring 2007 semester draws to a close, I threw an MTV-style music and blog awards to highlight the best students in the COM125: Intro to Internet class.

There are two main award categories:
1. The COM125 Idol Contest
2. The Ultimate Blog Awards

For the COM125 Idol Contest, students were ranked by the online community on their singing ability via our own Singshot contest page. There were some strange people from the public who joined in, so I’ve only taken into account our students’ entries. The music categories I came up with include: Best Male Vocal, Best Female Vocal and Best Group Vocal.

For The Ultimate Blog Awards, I took the cumulative score of their weekly blog assignments, and took into account the stuff that were external to the assignment, such as getting linked by popular blogs, getting public comments and amount of personal expression on their blogs. Since I gave out weekly blog awards, it helped in assessing each student’s overall performance.

This week, classes have officially ended. Next week, it’s all about exams. I’ll share more about my teaching experience and whether I’ve decided that Singapore is the place for me in a future blog post. For now, I don’t want to spoil anymore surprises so just watch the show… it’s a good one.

22 thoughts on “Video: Grand Finale // The COM125 Music & Blog Awards

  1. Kevin, your class rocks man, cannot find a replacement in SG liao, MTV award somemore. I cant imagine, if there are anyone who actually skip/drop your class.

  2. Woah, I’m totally impressed! What a super duper awesome class and a fitting way to end the term. You and your students did a super job.Totally enjoyed watching this, left me really inspired.

    Could understand why you’d miss this class. You’re definitely in to it and the students are extremely receptive and awesome 🙂

  3. Sacrelicious: Only one guy dropped the class, claiming that he’s not tech-savvy. I think that’s really an excuse because the class is hard work, with weekly essays and activities to be published on their blogs. It’s hard work, but fun. 🙂

    Marina: Thanks, the students were very creative and hardworking. It’s like me giving them a decorative box, and them filling it with wonderful things… erm, yeah something like that. 😛

  4. Yea Kevin, it was a fun lesson. Really ends a chapter of our book with a happy ending, but that depends on how our exams go. Hehehe..

    It was a fun experience. My friends who crashed the last lecture are hoping that you will teach them when they’re taking COM125. hehe

  5. This is the most fun module ive ever taken! Thanks for the great fun and loads of info!!! Hope you’ll come back the next time there is COM125 and maybe i will crash those classes too!!! KUDOS for a job well done!

  6. You’re definitely one of the best lecturers we’ve had so far. And I’ve got to say, when I mentioned what you had us do for your class to my mom (i.e. Singshot etc.), she was waaay impressed.

    Fun and games aside, I did learn a lot about new media from you and have had so much fun. I don’t think any subject has been so fun, really!

    If I ever blog about teachers who made an impression again, you’ll definitely get a special mention.=)

  7. Thanks Pri, Che and Fel. I’ve been reading your blog felicia… thanks for the tips and the background info on your lives. It’s neat because both teacher and students got to know one another so well through blogs, our relationships definitely went beyond the classroom. 🙂

  8. Hey Kevin,

    I totally enjoy your class. At first, I thought you’re gonna be one of those lecturers who blah all the way you know,like boring, but hey the way you teach us was a whole new experience and definitely blew me away! Thx for being the nicest teacher~

  9. Nice bit of work there bro! We should do an updated version of “To Sir With Love” or maybe “Dangerous Minds” (ya know the one with the cool song Gangsta’s Paradise?) featuring Kevin Lim as the numero uno cool teacher in Singapore!! Just don’t be like a Mr Brown (the angmo version) in Mind Your Language….. “A Thousand Apologies!”

  10. hey hey kevin… u could say im one of ur student fans too! hee! im trying to make something out of ur name, like sanjaya to fanjaya.. haha.. but i couldnt make up a good one…

    anyways… i was a bit pissed abt havin to take intro to the net AGAIN, coz i already took it in poly, thinking it’ll be those booooring technical thingies… but im soooo glad they made me take it coz it was really fun and educational!! and we like u too! coz most prob we can talk to u much more comfortably than the rest of the lecturers… according to hana… kevin grows on u (Omar, R, 2007)

    and we do realise the medals are a lot like the teacher pasting a star sticker on ur piece of paper fer a job well done in primary school… but it works just as well anyways coz we always look forward to see if we won any awards 🙂

    so very very good work there… i wont give u the special mention award… im givin u the creative award AND the lecturer of the semester award. heh.. c u ard! hope u’ll be comin back to SIM

  11. Kevin: It’s great to be in your class. You displayed professionalism and above all, passion. Good luck in all that you do in future and keep in touch!

  12. I wanted to say that I’m just doing my job, but I’m not. I’m really doing what I love, which is sharing with others. The classroom is but a stage that’s not just for me, but for my students as well. 🙂

  13. Hey Kevin,
    Christabel here. Just wanna say that com125 has been a great module, it is really an experience that allows me to explore and discover more about cyberspace. This is definately a class that I enjoyed very much and it will bring back many wonderful memories. Thanks again, on behalf of my friends and all those who took this class.

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