Today’s Links: When tragedy strikes, we turn to blogs…

The Good & Evil of Blogs
Yesterday’s Straits Times (18th April 2007) featured how people turned to blogs to check on their loved ones in Virginia Tech after the massacre, aka a co-ordinating medium (see photo of pg. 19), while in the same paper, featured how the Malaysian government is having a hard time dealing with citizen bloggers (see photo of pg. 25). While television and radio have fallen into the hands of capitalists, such is the ceaseless irony of the last democratic medium: Blogs

  • VT Massacre: International Student Backlash
    “We fed them, housed them, schooled them and then taught them how to fly planes so they could crash into buildings and kill thousands of innocent people. So I guess we can now furnish them with weapons too, huh?” [Hat tip to Nelson for finding this. Actually that South Korean kid lived in the States since he was eight. He’s a Green Card holder raised in the States, not really an international student] Keywords: social, crime, vtmassacre, blogs


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  1. Man oh man…. I think you are truly the professional blogger with your ultra helpful summaries and spot on insights! I don’t think I can ever blog this diligently with First Life being as hectic as it is.

    I think the Virginia Tech massacre is a sad sad reminder of what can happen when we don’t implement gun control. It is so hard to believe why they still let this happen in the States and be open to its adverse consequences. Sigh…..

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