More on that TV12 Kids Central Show called “Hi! Tech”

EastCoastLife's Jaymes featured on "Hi! Tech" TV show
Here are more photos from EastCoastLife and her son Jaymes. In fact, that’s them standing by the doorway…

Remember that TV12’s Kids Central series about “Kids and New Media”, the one I was helping out?

I made a shout-out for young ones who blog. Moments later, DK tipped me off to Jaymes, a 15 year old blogger who happened to be the son of popular mom blogger, EastCoastLife. Small world indeed!

Naturally, EastCoastLife has blogged details of the recent production shoot over at their home. You can expect to watch Jaymes on Kids’ Central, on 21st April 2007 at 1.30pm.

Incidentally, the show is now called “Hi! Tech”. The official synopsis is now available:

Hi! Tech is a 13 x 30mins magazine info-ed series for children and young adults aged 11-14 years old.

The show aims to equip the target audience with the appropriate knowledge about New media It essentially consists of digital media that branches out into online music, blogs, interactive TV, online games, Internet enabled mobile phones and pod casts etc.

It also aims to showcase the latest trends and developments in digital Media and technology as well as educate them about the responsible use of Digital Media by introducing fun ways to further explore the use of Digital Media in relation to daily life.

Not to purely paint a rosy picture about Digital Media, Hi! Tech! will highlight the pros and cons about Digital Media as well. Hi! Tech will take on a fun yet tech-savvy approach. It will treat viewers not as clueless children but as tech-savvy users that are already well informed of latest trends through friends and self-exploration and have minds that are highly impressionable.

Every week Two young explorers (11-14) will get a chance to explore all about digital media along with our two energetic hosts Woody and Jasmine.

I’m not sure if the production needs more young bloggers, but since then I’ve discovered two younger bloggers with strong interests. Kenneth pointed out a ten year old nature blogger by the name of Leshon (great photos!), while singer Michael Cho pointed out his brother-in-law, Nicholas Leu, who seems especially profound for a nine year old blogger. See Nick’s post on Reverse Choice.

If you know other talented young bloggers who don’t mind getting some exposure, do let me know. The rest of Singapore could learn from them!

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  1. Frances: You’re right! The previous cameraman was Jack, but this time around it was Yen Loon. We talked for a bit and agreed that we should get everyone we know out for a mega gathering. It’s been too long! 😀

  2. yessiree! that’s me..
    good talking to you that day kevin…
    we finished shooting the 3rd ep on saturday
    and i promptly broke my arm the next day in a soccer game!!

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