Sidekick iD launches. I Like.

Sidekick iD

The original Danger Sidekick phone was the first cellphone / PDA I ever bought for myself. I’ve been a fan since and have been upgrading religiously with every incarnation (except Sidekick 3, waiting for price to drop).

You might not understand it (at least Singaporeans didn’t), but with unlimited Internet access (built-in as an affordable plan), killer user-interface and a cleverly laid out keyboard, this was my ultimate blogging machine (was flickr-ing photos straight from its camera!) until I landed in Singapore where the service don’t work.

Starhub once sold and provided service for it, but silly Singaporeans didn’t know how to to appreciate the unlimited Internet service and opted slicker looking phones with regular data charges. Citing low uptake on the phone, we ended up with no Sidekick for Singapore. Boo-hoo!

Anyway, Danger Inc (which consists of an ex-Apple engineer team) has released the Sidekick iD which is priced at US$99 (w/ two year T-mobile contract). This affordable version lacks bluetooth and a camera, but it still rawks, especially for kids who just want to get online and chat with their buddies. I’d get the Sidekick 3 if it weren’t for the iPhone now, but I’d get the Sidekick iD if I had kids (which I don’t think I’ll ever).

7 thoughts on “Sidekick iD launches. I Like.

  1. i really wna tmobile sidekick!
    but i dun know of any shop selling it here in Singapore.[damn]
    help me out?
    its like fatal addiction.
    i want it like so badly!!!

  2. I have a sidekick Id and it sucks tha internet is slow cuz tmobile service sucks. I always have to turn it off and on cuz it freezes or I won’t get my text messages or calls. You have to pay for a damn alarm. It doesn’t even have a camera. And I don wanna buy a newer one cuz I’m afraid ill spend mass money on another piecs of shit. Tha only fun thing about this phone is tha flipping.

  3. Why can’t I find T-Mobile Sidekick in Singapore. Since I was a kid, I was interested in it. Where can it be found in Singapore?

  4. i can’t seem to find any sidekicks in singapore! i want one so badly but i’ve been almost everywhere and NOWHERE has it.

  5. Singapore did have Sidekicks once, serviced by Starhub. However, they cited poor market response, so they stopped selling it. I had the very first sidekick and upgrade all the way to color, then finally switched to the iPhone. I must say the Sidekick still has a dear place in my heart… they keyboard and user interface was really good!

  6. Hey erm, if you unlock the sidekick and bring it back to singapore, would you be able to use the internet through 3g? Actually i'm really fond of the phone because i heard it's really good to text with and stuff.

    1. Angie, even though I'm using the iPhone now, I still miss my Sidekick's awesome keyboard and ingenious operating system. Starhub USED to carry the sidekicks, but stopped after a while due to “poor adoption rates”. I think not many Singaporeans knew how awesome that phone is.

      That said, I doubt you can use it in Singapore even if you have it unlocked, simply because the Sidekick is integrated with its own unique server with your mobile phone carrier.

      Since none of the wireless carriers in Singapore sell Sidekicks, they would have these servers, and the phone wouldn't have anyway get online data (optimized web browsing, email, IM, etc).

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