Video: COM125’s All-Girl “Online Gaming” Presentation

You’ve seen the photos, now watch the video of their snazzy “online gaming” presentation for COM125: Intro to Internet.

Typically, I have two separate modules presenting the same topic each week, but this one takes the cake. Pretty good stuff as they’ve covered everything from the history and genre of games, to government initiatives for the game industry, virtual property and virtual crimes, positive uses of games (e.g. Simcity for economics, cancer education, stroke therapy), and finally gaming addiction where they fleshed out news articles relating to the Singapore context.

If you’re interested in their presentation, please respect Creative Commons: Attribution where you’ll need to credit the girls (with links to their blogs) for their work. They include Liyana, Sabrina, Andrea, Ee Lin, Jasmine, and Rosalyn. You may download the Powerpoint here (no images, 164kb)

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