Photos: COM125’s All-Girl “Online Gaming” Presentation

COM125B: Online Gaming Presenters
Click to see more photos of gamer girls as well as their “act cute” photos.
From left to right: Liyana, Sabrina, Andrea, Ee Lin, Jasmine, and Rosalyn

A gaming otaku’s dream come true! Can you guys tell which game characters they’re playing?

Some students have great presentation skills, some are excellent working with video (e.g. how-to on “Citizen Journalism”), and some… well, are great at role-playing. This all-girl group from both my COM125 and COM242 classes have been portraying media stereotypes for their class presentations. They came up with the idea on their own and it’s worked well as a form of experiential learning and as a satire on the media environment teenagers live in nowadays.

From this photo slideshow, the first two photos have them playing game characters (including a video game addict, not pictured) for the COM125: Online Gaming presentation. The next bunch of photos have them role-playing “act cute” girls as popularly portrayed in local teenage magazines, for their COM242: Media Stereotypes presentation.

Incidentally, I gave them full grades for creative, engaging style and for well-researched localized content in explaining their presentation topics. Sadly, with one week left at SIM, I don’t know if I’ll ever have classes this awesome in future…

In the words of Hudson in Aliens (1986), “Game over man… Game Over!

7 thoughts on “Photos: COM125’s All-Girl “Online Gaming” Presentation

  1. Are you sure you are teaching and not doing something naughtier with your time in COM 125 of SIM? 😉 Anyway, I find it incredible that you are as “siao on” an Aliens fan as my brother who can recite practically every line including that one by Hudson! Cool!!

  2. @JY: Plenty of my guy friends were taking their picks too. 🙂

    @Walter: The girls flaunted it for class, which is a good deed in my books! One of the boys even wanted to bring them home, and I don’t blame him 😛

  3. rin: I was a little worried about JY’s comments, until I discovered that JY is a girl, so I figured that it’s ok. As for the rest of the guy remarks, guess guys will be guys! If there’s any trouble do let me know. 🙂

  4. haha… no problems at all.. i was just kiddin.. at least it wasnt my bosoms under speculation. heh

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