Helping out TV12’s upcoming series about “Kids and New Media”

Upcoming TV series on Kids and New Media
See photos from “behind the scenes”…

Besides grading student blogs and preparing questions for the final exam (in just two weeks), I’ve been consulting (voluntary basis) for an upcoming TV12’s Kids Central series about “Kids and New Media” (The series title isn’t settled yet. See behind the scenes).

Yesterday’s shoot involved me showing kids how to blog, why we blog and how to blog safely. One of the funniest questions came from host Rudy where he asked “What is the quickest way to become a celebrity blogger?”. I laughed and commented that being “controversial” helps, but he’d probably want to do it the safer way by getting to know other bloggers first, and giving comments on their blogs. Once they know him, they would visit him too and soon he’d get an audience (i.e. reciprocity). I didn’t say this on screen, but I felt that boils down to stroking egos. Nothing wrong with stroking mine… 😛

The conversation wasn’t one way though, as I also got to learn what Singaporean kids are using online nowadays. Jerald, the young one, showed me how he used (photo), since it allowed him to customize blog templates simply by dragging and dropping design elements.

Rudy, our charismatic Thai host, showed us FrogCam (photo) which on the surface looks like a typical web video conferencing community service, but to which he claims has taken Asia by storm. He explained that someone would “DJ” dance tunes into specific chatrooms and everyone would dance in front of their webcams “naked”.

Sounds exciting yeah? It’s a wonder how these things elude even the likes of someone who studies online communities.

Before you go, the production company, Film Formations, is in need of young bloggers / geeks / photographers / videographers to feature in certain episodes, so do let me know if you fit the bill (that’s under 16 years).

9 thoughts on “Helping out TV12’s upcoming series about “Kids and New Media”

  1. Nice work there bro. Looks like you are moving on from strength to strength in establishing yourself as a mover and shaker in the social media universe! I don’t know if 36 years old is considered young as a blogger though… I do have a young son at 3.5 years – can that qualify?

  2. Walter, if your son blogs (or you can “fake blog” for him), then he’d probably be the youngest Singaporean blogger that I know 😛

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