What’s the best drink to have while reading Straits Times?

Most "malu" Wikipedia article ever Some time ago, Kenneth said that “If I was drinking coffee while reading ST Interactive this morning, I would have spewed it all over my monitor and keyboard.”

Yes, that first world “hard disk” story is old news by now, but while most of us understand the power of analogies (especially as educators), a bad analogy sticks like a dead lizard under your favorite book (ta-da!). Use it and don’t abuse it!

Now back to the issue of spewing forth orally whenever we read news from local media sources such such as the Straits Times… in my comment, I wrote the following: “I’ve been spewing coffee and tea like the possessed chick in exorcist whenever I read the Strait Times. The worst is Coke since it tends to shoots up your nose and being a carbonated drink, it hurts your nasal passages a little. The best thing to drink while reading ST is milk… it spews out the most beautiful. Your mates would be wondering if you’re doing so form of performance art (like MTV’s Jackass), but you can safely tell them you’re reading the ST, then they’ll understand (in sympathy).”

This bring me to ponder, what do you drink when you are reading local news from our beloved papers? Do you ever think of the consequences of your choice of beverage?

Aside: Making an independent representation of our collective thoughts, the Rambling Librarian wrote an open letter to the journalist about that strange Wikipedia article you see on the top left.