This week’s “Cool Picks” from my COM125 bloggers…

Siner Fusika

While grading my COM125 students’ blogs, I chanced upon all kinds of interesting things they’ve been posting. It’d be a shame if no one saw, so I’m making a list and checking it twice (no, it’s not Christmas yet). Here are the recent “non-assignment” blog posts they’ve created (ranked by coolness):

  1. Liyana shows us a demo recording video of her amazing musical group called the Sinar Fusika. She plays bass. I want her album!
  2. Ximin (aka AKnightInRustyArmor) says “If I catch the f**ker who stole my phone, you’re f**king dog meat.” Is there thievery in the class? Hopefully not. I’d expel the @%#$-er.
  3. Mr Ho Viet Hai (aka Love Volcano or something like that) shows us how to download Youtube videos to our hard drives. No need to buffer videos for presentations anymore (at your own risk)!
  4. Rosalyn (aka Razzle Dazzled) caught a video of who won at the Singapore National Barista Championship 2007, which happened at Suntec City. She wants to upgrade her camera phone. Sponsors?
  5. Kenny discovers that SIM ads are everywhere, even on a Marvels Super Heroes News web site. Meanwhile, Hai Lee bakes a Banana Cake. We’ve a few talented bakers in our class.

I’m now asking them if they’ve done anything cool lately, and if so, to just blog it…

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