Video: COM125 – Citizen Journalism Boot Camp

For their recent class presentation, the talented COM125 students, namely Zhi, Bao, Pam, Mihiri and Monica, have made a hilarious “how-to” video on Citizen Journalism.

While I don’t expect my students to know video production, it did serve to remind them on the importance of media literacy. The future truly belongs to those who don’t just master oral languages well, but the languages of the Web, which are spoken in text, music, photos, videos, photos, and so on.

Aside: They also did this to me…

5 thoughts on “Video: COM125 – Citizen Journalism Boot Camp

  1. Hey kevin,

    or now known as Kevihilton. That video got voted #19 – Top Favorites (Today) – People & Blogs – Chinese. Haha…. =)

  2. Thats a great video that the COM125 did. Enjoyed watching it šŸ™‚

    The aside vid was funny. [Joke] Great citizenship journalism [/Joke]

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