Extreme Range Wifi Hack for the Die-Hard Netizen

High Powered Wifi receiver (Detachable Antenna)

Remember Edward and his Super-Powered Wifi/GPRS laptop?

Over the weekend, I found the extreme range wifi receiver he was talking about at Sim Lim Square. There are two models: one with a fixed antenna for S$85, and the one above with a detachable antenna for S$115. If you can afford it, word has it that this “Made in Taiwan” wifi adapter has incredible reception, giving you the ability to pick up hundreds of Access Points if you’re in a high residential neighborhood (e.g. HDB). There is no mention of Mac compatibility though.

There are high-powered antennas you could pick up too, which you could attach on your laptop lid (like Edward), on the roof of your car, or on your head (Caution: Serious Lightning Hazard).

For details, check out Senao’s web site.

5 thoughts on “Extreme Range Wifi Hack for the Die-Hard Netizen

  1. Just make sure that you are connected to the right access point, else you may find the police knocking at your HDB door and charge you for illegal access to other’s wifi which carries a fine or jail or both ­čÖé

  2. Cool stuff. The geek in me is very tempted to get it. But I’m trying to find a reason to justify spending $115 on this.

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