Experiencing Politics on the Internet (in the classroom)

The Singapore Political Bloggers Directory

For this week’s COM125 class, it’s all about “Politics on the Internet”.

This week’s assignment had my students “adopt” a local political blogger, be it an actual politician who blogs, or a citizen blogger discussing politics. After they complete a simple rubric about their chosen blogger, they were then asked to debate the following: “Do blogs allow for greater democracy in Singapore?”

You can see their blog responses here
Do leave them comments to cheer them on 🙂

Following up to their assignment, I devoted part of class-time to have students collaborate on a directory of Singaporean political bloggers using Google Spreadsheets.

The motivation for all these activities would be to help give the Singaporean public greater access to political discussions online. My take as always, is to allow students to see that their academic work can have an impact beyond the classroom.

Here is the spreadsheet which we intended to be a “Directory of Singaporean Political Bloggers“.

Aside 1: You can only view the document. If you wish to contribute, let me know in the comments together with your Gmail email account in the email field (which is automatically hidden from view). I will eventually be adding this to the greater Singapore Social Media Directory, a wiki which the Rambling Librarian generously started.

Aside 2: If you see my blog in the photo, it’s because some cheeky student added it as a joke.

17 thoughts on “Experiencing Politics on the Internet (in the classroom)

  1. ‘Does the lack of Democracy allow for greater and more insightful blogs in singapore’ might be an interesting accompanying question.

  2. OMG Ms Vantan… what’s going on with the size? It’s reminds me of the good old forum days where everyone would be plugging gigantic banners in their signatures. 😛

  3. Interesting concept. I found one of your students who adopted me. 🙂 Anyway, there is a big list of bloggers missing from your list: Singapore Angle (sorry, advertising ourselves), Kitana, Ben, Fearfully Opinionated, Speranza Nuova, Wayne Soon, Ringisei, Dansong, Heavenly Sword…

  4. BL: Do drop a comment on his or her blog. I’m trying tog et them to interact with the rest of the blogosphere. They’re lonely bloggers. Yes the list is missing quite a lot so I’ve been adding some myself. Would you mind helping to contribute some? We could have a credit list below so contributors get fair mention.

  5. Kevin,

    I looked thru the list and could not find Aaron Ng’s page in it. Perhaps you could add it in the list especially in view of the fact that he is one of the last “young one’s” standing.

  6. @Ned: Thanks, I’ll add it. We mentioned him in the video and noted the same thing about being the youngest standing. Would you be interested in being a contributor to the listing?

  7. No commitment other than to add or edit entries in the directory over time. A few of us are watching over it, so the more passionate contributors, the better.

  8. Simply drop me an email at brainopera [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject “I wish to be a socio-political contributor”.

    Do note that we’re being selective about this as a bunch of us academics are using this as a base for understanding this genre of the blogosphere. 🙂

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