Video: Twitter as Online Community @ COM125

In last week’s COM125 class on online communities, I reviewed my students’ experiences with Twitter and ran their impressions across frameworks from our readings on communities, both online and offline. You can see their responses here. I surmised that even though you can add as much friends as you want on Twitter, it still seems to be more of an ad-hoc community which forms when the need arises. One of my students, Jonathan Yip, made a succinct point by mentioning how “Twitter is not a ‘making more friends’ network. It is a ‘make better friends’ network”.

5 thoughts on “Video: Twitter as Online Community @ COM125

  1. Some interesting observations. I signed up for Twitter with the intention of integrating it into my blog, but I keep thinking that:

    a) In some cases it may be more relevant to just make another post.
    b) In most cases, the micro-update seems useless. Does anyone really care that I’m trying to decide between a chicken nuggets or a cheeseburger?

    I may still end up implementing it, but it just seems superfluous.

  2. eStee: Thanks 🙂

    Brandon: I guess it really for smaller stuff that’s not fit for the blog. For instance, it’s really meant to convey your current status with friends, so they could join in whatever you’re doing or feel somehow connected to you by being conscious of your actions.

  3. Thanks! I try to make lessons interesting. I doubt anyone could trump the students I have… they eat exams for breakfast, blog for brunch and write up three final research summaries for lunch. Don’t even talk about dinner… 😛

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