What a Second Life: Cory @ Idea Factory + Second Lifers @ Nexus 2007

Singapore SL in Real Life 1

Last night was my first time meeting Singaporean Second Life residents in the flesh…

Perhaps it was limited by invitation only, but most of the people who showed up were either smart, creative and/or gorgeous… which lends well to the fact that either geeks are getting pretty upmarket, or that upmarket people are getting geeky (how’s that for a scientific deduction).

Held at Goldhill Plaza’s penthouse, the venue was also home of The Idea Factory, a consultancy engaged by Linden Labs to oversee their impending arrival to Singapore. At this meetup, we got to meet and greet Cory Ondrejka, Chief Technology Officer for Linden Labs. I had recorded his talk about life in Linden Labs as well as their plans for Singapore, but I’ll will share this a little later (when I’ve time to upload the huge audio file).

At this meetup, it was also evident that we had plenty of fun ideas to share, such as making a First Life video of our Second Life avatars in action (as seen in the slideshow above). Likewise, I also mentioned about the Nexus 2007 conference this Saturday where a new panel just opened up for us. Entitled “Living, Working and Creating a Second Life” (at 2pm), guess who’s moderating that… that’s right, me. So it’s only natural that I rounded up as many people to join in the panel as I possibly could. This meetup certainly made it easy.

If you look at the Nexus conference agenda online, this Second Life conference panel isn’t even mentioned there yet, but fret not… from my discussion with organizer Ming Yeow, it’ll be a “bonus” mentioned on the day itself.

For this panel, I proposed that we have three three way discussion with the different classes of the SL community:
Residents / Users: Marina, Alvin, Preetam, etc
Organizations: First Meta’s Aileen, NYP’s Dioselin
Creators: Linden Labs’ Cory and Jean

This doesn’t mean that the rest of us are left out. People like Preetam, Vanessa, Coleman, me and so on can always interject and share our experiences. Having the three groups there helps reflect the interdependent cornerstones of the SL community.

As Jean mentioned, most people want to know what residents do in Second Life… I admit that I sometimes get bored in there, so it’d be good to see everyone sharing personal experiences what they’re doing. Some thoughts include Alvin on Lion City in Second Life (that virtual Singapore island), Marina on SL relationships (e.g. love, breakups, death), First Meta’s Aileen on business in SL, and my thoughts on education in SL (Building Rambling Librarian’s guitar + How NOT to teach in SL).

I’ve advised panelists as well as conference participants to bring their laptops. During the panel, we’ll be in Second Life as a projected backchannel to the ongoing discussion. Makes for a great photo-op there! The unbeknown public audience of (400-600 expected attendees) can then either gawk or get enthuse with us.

Finally, if you have something to share or have ideas of what else we could do with out 1hr 45mins Second Life panel time, feel free to plug it here. e.g. flashmobbing a Second Life party…

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