Video: Edward’s Super-Powered Wifi/GPRS laptop @ SIM

I’ve seen geeks attach bumper stickers to their laptop lids, but these people are uber-geeks. While I’ve witness the great Hiroshi Ishii attach a Smartdisk hard drive onto his Powerbook, Edward however, attaches all kinds of wireless networking devices to his. This made my breakfast at SIM all the more interesting…

17 thoughts on “Video: Edward’s Super-Powered Wifi/GPRS laptop @ SIM

  1. At first I thought Edward was someone you knew! And I found it abit strange that you knew people in SIM that we didn’t find familiar… maybe he met Kevin for breakfast there? And then I realised you didn’t know him at all!? Bravo man! šŸ˜€

  2. A friend did say he admired me because I’m not afraid to look stupid. You’d either find me walking up to complete strangers to talk to them, or trying on strange devices for the future sake of mankind.

  3. Yup! We sacrifice those like you.

    I love his gadgets. But are they going to strain his laptop top?

  4. I’m not a student at SIM. My wife is. hehe. Just there for breakfast.

    My Laptop was 1.6KG before mounting those devices. the weight after is 1.67kg. Those devices do look messy and “heavy”.

    Nice talking to you. šŸ™‚

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