Sprint’s “Redefining Flip” Phone = Samsung M620?

Sprint's "Redefining Flip" = Samsung M620

About the same time last year, Sprint sent a some of us bloggers the Samsung A920 phone with free voice and data service. Thing was that I could never get music downloads to work (from their Sprint Music Store), and even after visiting one of their retail stores in Buffalo, they still came out clueless. The phone was eventually chucked aside, since I had my Sidekick phone which did everything I wanted. All they requested was to give my honest opinions about the experience, which I did. They didn’t even ask for the phone back.

This year, Sprint is back with the Sprint Ambassador Program (Phase III?), and this time they are offering two phones for us to choose from. The first one is the Samsung M610 (see images or specs). The second phone though, is more interesting. They have it under wraps and you can see the teaser site at redefiningflip.com

Thanks to the wisdom of the crowds, we are able to see just what this “redefining” concept phone is (as shown above).

If sources are right, Sprint is bringing out the Samsung M620, also known as the Flipper. Now that the announcement has been made at CTIA, Engadget Mobile (article removed) and SlashPhone have given us a clear picture of what it is, as well as a video of how it works.

Yes, it’s a double-sided phone.

See the hands-on with the Samsung M620 video here…

5 thoughts on “Sprint’s “Redefining Flip” Phone = Samsung M620?

  1. Hi Kevin,

    I agree completely with you on the phone they are “redefining the flip” with. I can’t imagine it being any other phone.

    The real question, though, is which phone would be more interesting to play with, the M610 or the M620? One is possible novel but the other has a QVGA screen. Hrmm…

    Enjoy whichever you pick!


  2. The m620 is actually called the Upstage. It is definitely the better of the two phones. It is the US version of the F300 in Europe. Do a serach for the F300 and you’ll get a better idea. It is different in a few cases though. The Upstage will have a 1.3 MP camera, 45MB internal mem, a 64MB miniSD incl, supports up to a 2GB miniSD. The battery life is 2.5 hrs talk time with the 620 mAh battery. A neat concept is the case it comes with also has a battery in it, so you can charge the phone while its in the case. Pretty cool. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this phone in person, although it wasn’t allowed to be powered up. Size is almost perfect. Small enough for pocket storage, but big enough to use with sausage fingers. All together a pretty cool phone. I don’t think it will be released as soon as rumoured though. My guess is late April according to sources. It’s nice to know people ­čÖé

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