Today’s Links: The Web’s “One Minute” Snack Culture

Wired's Snack Culture feature story (March 2007)

8 thoughts on “Today’s Links: The Web’s “One Minute” Snack Culture

  1. Thanks for highlighting the boss blog thingy. I certainly believe in the one-minute snack thingy which WIRED magazine has highlighted. Its what I call the atomisation of information in this day and age. In fact, I have blogged about something similar a few months ago here.

  2. Walter: Thanks for sharing. We’ve seen these bite-sized media follow the same rules of how memes work. Easy to consume yet fun ideas that spread like viruses. I don’t seem to hear so much about memes nowadays, maybe because it’s something that’s very in-grain to the net culture already. Happens without us realizing it anymore.

  3. dude..i love your dailylinks man! learn something new every time! I’m SO GLAD to know that there’re actually more “bosses” blogging now. But as the comments in Walter’s blog post suggest, it can be treacherous road for these folks. Neverthesless, it’s great to know!

  4. hey kevin..heard you’re gonna the moderator for the crowdsourcing session. I really hope I can be there, but just in case I don’t make it, gd luck in advance~

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