Video: The Jeopardy Experiment @ COM242

For the COM242: Mass Media Effects class, I did a mid-term exam review. Instead of asking them for questions, I hosted a Jeopardy game show (via Powerpoint) testing my students on their understanding of the material covered.

From the video, do you think it makes for an effective pedagogical tool?

12 thoughts on “Video: The Jeopardy Experiment @ COM242

  1. Hi,

    Cool, can you please post the powerpoint slides for the game? it looks interesting!


  2. Hello,

    I thought it is a effective way to get students to prcoess and internalise information. Too many students out there study for exams by memorising, instead of understanding and processing it.

    By forcing them to ask the question instead of answering, I strongly believe it is a very good method.

    My only gripe is that Jeopardy is not well known in Singapore, hence, it will take some time for the students to understand the rules.

  3. MrBig: I prefer Will Ferrell playing as Alex Trebek. Go find those SNL Youtube videos to see what I mean ­čÖé

    Yanjie: Yes, I spent a good half hour enculturating my students to the popularity of Jeopardy by showing them Youtube videos of the game show, then explaining how it works. Strangely, Jeopardy is played internationally, except here in Singapore. Once they get the hang of it though, you can use it as a regular feature in class in lieu of a quiz, especially if you have too much grading to do (like grading my students’ blogs).

  4. I showed that bunch of Sean Connery SNL clips to the class… not sure if they got the joke about the penIS mighter being a sitting goldmine: “Where can I get one?” ­čÖé

  5. nuMentally: You probably mean “An Album Cover” or rather… “Anal Bum Cover” ­čÖé

  6. Kevin, that’s one creative application of a game format to education. If the objective is to make the student think before they answer, seems to me the Jeopardy format worked. Certainly applicable to a library setting as well, e.g. when conducting a user ed session to test participants’ understanding of library rules, or DDC. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Ivan: Cool. Jeopardy has been in use in U.S. colleges, and I believe “Who wants to be a Millionaire”. Some games seem to work well in an interactive lecture format.

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