Blinkx: Simply the most powerful video search engine?

During the WebSG #2 meetup, tech enthnographer Preetam Rai mentioned as a powerful video search engine I should look at, especially as a video content producer.

Apparently Blinkx meta-searches across popular video sharing services such as YouTube and Google Video, content partners such as CNN, Reuters, as well as the Web, making it the best search engine you could possibly use for finding video content.

But Blinkx is beyond meta-searching…
Unlike textual content, searching video is a whole other ball game. As Forrester Research analyst Josh Bernoff aptly puts it, “When a computer looks at a piece of video, for the most part, it has no idea what is going on”.

According to USA Today (Oct 2006), “Blinkx TV uses speech recognition and transcription capabilities to index not just audio and video files but the spoken parts of those files. This means that Blinkx TV is able to deliver the precise clip that contains the term the user is searching for, as opposed to just pointing the user at, say, an hour-long clip without indicating where in it the desired segment appears”.

So while we know that Blinkx transcribes video and audio content, here’s how it actually does it so well. Checking out a missing ABC News article cited on Wikipedia (can anyone find it?), Blinkx’s engine first uses speech recognition to listen to the audio component of the video content, then uses a search engine that checks both the phonetic and text transcripts to match content with search queries. Woah, that’s smart!

And that’s not all…
Searching is just one aspect of Blinkx. The video service also lets you add content by means of submitting an RSS feed containing content you want analyzed. If anyone runs a videocast or a podcast, this would be ideal for you (I just submitted my theorycast feed). Even YouTube and Google Video give you RSS feeds, which you could possibly use to submit your own video to Blinkx. If you’ve tried this, do let me know if it works (i.e. your video eventually shows up in Blinkx search results).

An additional feature which may interest bloggers is the video wall widget, as seen above showing my search for the “matrix”. Instead of simply listing search results, you can have the results shown as a video wall embedded on your blog, MySpace page and so on. This is pretty neat if you’re tracking a particular topic or current affairs, and wish to visually reflect the changing fabric of shared videographic space.

Let me know if you like Blinkx. I’ve tried several search terms and am quite impressed by the plethora of videos it pulls out. Even searching for sex was never easier (definitely NSFW)…

2 thoughts on “Blinkx: Simply the most powerful video search engine?

  1. Blinkx certainly is a novel concept and potentially powerful.

    And you were right about the sex part. ;P

  2. I think that AOL – truveo is the most powerful, traffic, & worth video search engine..
    Blinkx is the most powerful in collection of porno video clips…

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