Up for Grabs: 1 x Joost beta-tester invitation (hell yeah!)

1 x Joost invitation token

Heard of Joost right? Besides Windows, the beta works pretty well on Intel Macs already.

I have one Joost beta-tester invitation left to give away so I thought I’d randomly assign this to fellow bloggers who read me regularly. It’s time to *delurk* fellas… Just drop a comment here with your email and blog addresses (if you don’t have a blog, start one now!). You have till Monday, 11.59pm (Singapore time, GMT +8hrs).

Do tell me why you like reading my blog; that’s something I haven’t fully understood.

UPDATE: I’ve picked a winner! Congrats to Brandon Bautista. A Joost beta test account has been sent to your email address. Thanks for all your submissions, they’ve helped me understand you better.

25 thoughts on “Up for Grabs: 1 x Joost beta-tester invitation (hell yeah!)

  1. I really want to try Joost. Could you give this invite to me ? I have subscribed your feed for some time ,but why I like reading your blog is something I haven’t fully understood either.

  2. Hi,
    Im a new visitor on this website, but we seems to have the same interrest in web 2.0 and new other tools usefull for learning and communicate.

    I volunteer for a beta test of joost on my mac (intel version)

    Thanks in advance

  3. Nowsaday, web company really know how to do publicity through creating a premium perception and “playing hard to get”. Hmmmmm, look like a lot can be learn from the girls who originates these moves in the first place.

    So what other tactics the gals used to attract mates and then select from these alpha males ? These tactics could well be the next publicity tactics used to entice adopter into web 2.0 site.

    So pretty girls’s tactic:
    Act cool and act uninterested
    Be majestic
    Be sexy and slim
    Wear revealing cloth
    Do makeup
    Smell wonderful
    Know how to dance and flirt

    Now see if ppl can match these into web 2.0 attributes.

  4. I’ve heard of Joost and read all about it today in Time magazine. Kevin, you’re likely to give your free invite to a commenter you know personally, and I understand.

    But if a short ramble makes any difference…

    I began following your writings over a year ago… wondering what type of program you were in at Buffalo. Informatics. Never heard of it… I’m currently a K-12 educator interested in getting a PhD, and the field of study interests me… too bad it didn’t stick around at UB.

    I went to college in Rochester (NY) and am now totally doing something different.. I went from music to instructional technology.

    I’d love to try out Joost for both selfish and respectable reasons. Wednesday I’m presenting Web 2 technologies to some of our teachers, hoping they can begin using some of them with students… I’ll be showing them the Google Apps, Flickr, social bookmarking, MySpace, etc., etc., and this would simply be something ‘over the edge.’ I already have all 200 of our teachers blogging and many are exploring podcasting.

    Anyhow… I’ve said enough. No matter who you choose, I’ll keep reading. Thanks for sharing your experiences and insight on the Web. I wish more people found the time.

    I gotta find myself one of your little head cams now… that was pretty cool. Combined with a Segway, it would be the ultimate way to geek out.


  5. There will be friends in here whom I’ve not given an invite to, but as a matter of honor, I will be randomly picking one using an Excel function as follows:


    This will pick a name at random from my list in column A. It will also be dynamic in that when/if I add/remove names from the list, they will automatically be included/excluded.

    For my dear friends who want one, they will be first up when I get more invite tokens.

  6. Can I have one? I like this site because its macs minus the arrogance associated withit. Also the web 2.0 stuff is abit out of the ordinary.

  7. I first stumbled on your site because of the food you would take snaps of… yummy… I go there now because of the web 2.0 stuff you talk about.. keeps me up to date..


  8. dude…
    as i said, you’re my fav singaporean blogger…haha..pls put me in your excel randomizer…i’ve been on their Beta waiting list (since they first launch it under venice project) and they’ve not given me a green light yet! damn! and are u tryin to get a beta testing account with HiPiHi too?

  9. michael: I didn’t sign up for HiPiHi, not sure if my Chinese is up to speed. However I think you can just download the HiPiHi client from their web site hipihi.com

  10. Well ! I dont watch TV because I am always at my computer. Joost has the ability to make me human again. So a invitiation could be a life saver

  11. If anyone else has any invites to be a beta tester, I’m very interested. I’ve had experience with beta testing for Digidesign.

  12. I am also interested in the beta testing of Joost if neone has any invite please contact me.

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