E27 Unconference: “Complex Networks in a Simple World” (session 2)

E27 SG IV Unconference @ SMU
Track 1, Session 2 : 8.15pm to 8.45pm
“Complex Networks in a Simple World” by Kaushic K.

Second up was Kaushic K, whom I believe was a physics scientist. He was explaining about how we could use concepts in complex systems (think Chaos theory, fractals, agent-based modeling) for marketing purposes. While such concepts are used in physical sciences as well as in war with good effect, he states that it hasn’t been using in our social web. His idea was what instead of spamming all users (i.e. carpet bombing), why not just target messages to key nodes in the network (niche bloggers). While noble in thought, most of the participants seemed skeptical. For one thing, this seems to be more work than it’s worth, since spamming may be still cheaper (not that I encourage it) and that we don’t need to conduct network analysis to find authoritative bloggers in particular niches (e.g. using technorati authority). Perhaps a more effective way to present this idea were if he had case studies where marketing campaigns were more effective using network analysis than straight up spamming or Googling for the top “long tail” bloggers.

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