MacJoost (beta): P2P TV now for Mac!

MacJoost 0.8 beta

Yup, Joost (Peer-to-Peer TV from the makers of Skype) just released a working beta version of their app for Mac (sorry limited to beta-testers)! I’ve tried P2P TV apps from China and from these Joost guys, but they have been limited to Windows (via Parallels or Boot Camp). Having this native Intel Mac version of Joost makes for an awesome Chinese New Year surprise! 🙂

Here are the known issues for this first Mac beta release:

  • Joost can be slow to start up, and may flicker in the Dock during startup
  • In some circumstances, you may see two copies of Joost in your Dock. (To be precise, if you put Joost in your Dock from the Finder, you will see two copies when Joost is running. The alternative is to use “Stay in Dock” to put Joost in your Dock.)
  • Some text is not correctly spaced and difficult to read (e.g., the “Coming up next” display)
  • When Joost is in window mode, the text of the user interface may be barely readable depending on window size – you may want to resize the window
  • The shortcuts described below are not completely working yet – try using the Windows shortcut if the Mac shortcut does not work

Other than the required differences on OSX, the Mac OSX version of Joost is functionally identical to the Windows version and it is the developers’ aim to keep them matching each other in functionality at each release step.

From the looks of it, the public should be able to get their hands on this soon. Meantime, I’ll be back to watching Bollywood MTVs on Joost…

7 thoughts on “MacJoost (beta): P2P TV now for Mac!

  1. Kevin,

    I would appreciate a Joost invite. I’m currently traveling through Asia and figure this would be a great opportunity to test out Joost.



  2. wow this looks awesome, i have been waiting for this kind of software for years!!
    But I need a invitation from somebody!
    Can anyone invite me? thank you very much!

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