Face-to-Face with Deborah Abraham (remember A.M. Singapore?)

[Sorry, this photo has been removed]

I’d like to introduce a new comrade involved with social media, Ms. Deborah Abraham. If you haven’t tried googling her name, she was a familiar face on Singapore television having hosted “A.M. Singapore” as well as feature documentaries on National Geographic. If I heard correctly, she’s a journalist by profession, and now works at The Media Campus, where she gives training on print and broadcast communication.

She’s been involved with giving Internet-related workshops for journalists, teachers as well as civil servants. Since the scope of her classes has recently extended to the realm of social media, specifically blogging, we chatted over coffee today. Unlike the undergrad classes I teach at SIM, her professional workshops are shorter, which makes it a challenge when trying to have participants fully grasp the serious applications of blogs.

We brainstormed a little, and one simple idea we thought of worked around the problem that her participants really didn’t have time to blog. These folks could play the part of a blog reader and leave comments on posts they find interesting via popular aggregators such as tomorrow.sg, ping.sg, and so on. In order for them to internalize the blogging experience, they would likely invest time in composing a good comment, and check back on the respective blogs for responses. In essence, it would then become personal interest (and curiosity) to keep the conversation flowing once we help them start the ball rolling. I don’t think you need to have to blog to be part of the blogosphere… our readers play an important role as well.

My personal stake in helping someone like Deborah lies in how I felt that her work parallels some of mine, which involves educating our various publics on the significance of social media (e.g. blogs, Youtube). Especially in Singapore, this media has often been trivialized by the less informed.