Today’s Links: For those hip geeks on long trips…

burton sleeper

  • Burton Sleeper Hoodie for long trips
    If you’re making long trips, you might want this: Features an integrated neck pillow in the hood, pull down light shield, cuff thumb holes, internal pocket for tickets/passports, hidden stash pocket with ear plugs, while pit zips to keep you ventilated. Keywords: clothing, design, geeks
  • Cyclopedia: The Ultimate Visual Reference Tool
    I’m still waiting for WIkipedia to go into print. Meantime, this is a pocket-sized wonder: The Cyclopedia features over 1,000 illustrations and more than 200,000 facts covering topics such as world history, science, arts, and the environment. Keywords: wikipedia, books
  • InfoPorn: Social Media Goes Mainstream
    Dion Hinchcliffe produces another infogram showing the ecology of social media with mainstream media, which also attempts a definition of social media. Keywords: infoporn, web2.0, media
  • Blogging: A conversation in reverse
    Quoting Ben Koe: "In blogging it works the opposite, you begin with the stories and the pleasantries follow in the comments, on their blogs, via links and trackbacks, as people discover your blog and relate to your posts." Keywords: blogging, learning
  • "No Pork" Podcast: The Evil That Men Broadcast: Singapore Angle
    These are the kinds of folks who give blogger and podcasters a bad name in Singapore… the racial kind. Then again, the blogosphere (and authorities) were quick to react, everyone takes action. Funny is funny, and this ain’t it… Keywords: podcast, racial, singapore, stupid
  • NPR’s Fresh Air now available as Podcast
    Fresh Air, the Peabody Award-winning weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues, is one of national public radio’s most popular programs. Hosted by Terry Gross, the show features intimate conversations with today’s biggest luminaries. Keywords: radio, podcast, itunes
  • Adium finally hits 1.0!
    A big hooray for Adium 1.0! I started with Proteus and Fire back in the day, but Adium has been the choice for me ever since. Supports AIM, MSN, Google Talk, and Yahoo, and you can truly customize it for looks and functionality! Keywords: im, mac, free