Visualizing Students’ Thoughts on Copyright

Tags derived from COM125 Copyright Blog Assignment

Just thought I’d share a visual way in which I aggregated my students’ recent blog responses. This week’s COM125 class is about Copyright and its alternatives, so I posed the question of how we could better accommodate both the interests of content creators and the public good.

The best responses have been compiled on this new Awards page on the class blog while I noted the overall themes for analysis. The tagcloud reveals the most popular solutions given in their responses. The bigger tags equates to higher word frequency on their blog posts. As visible above, the top alternatives to copyright included:

  1. Creative Commons (or flexibility in Copyright)
  2. Better Public Education on Copyright
  3. Encouraging User Ethics
  4. Commercializing P2P file-sharing networks
  5. Lowering prices of media content
  6. Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  7. iTunes (represented convenience over illegal downloading)

For those interested in how I did this, I used which lets you submit raw text and returns you a tagcloud as seen above.