Video: COM125 – Blogging 101 (Day 4)

On the second day of the Blogging 101 week for COM125: Intro to Internet, I gave out a pop quiz and went through the answers in class. I then finished up on the interface, shared a how-to on using Google Reader and finally ended off with a quickie on

Too bad the video cut off before you could see how my students spotted my tagcloud and asked about the links tagged “porn”. While the usual oooohs and aaaahs went about, I pretended to be worried at first, but later clicked on it to show my documented cases of sex in the social web, such as the increased use of cleavage to sell items in eBay auctions. No, there weren’t any nudity in my links, but it’s stuff like that that get my blog linked from actual porn blogs, driving crazy traffic over to me. ­čÖé