Video: COM125 – Blogging 101 (Day 3)

Starting off the Blogging 101 week for COM125, I highlight interesting student blogs during class (recognition / idolization). Most of the students here enjoy blogging and take to it naturally, taking full ownership of their online space by personalizing it in various ways. Some get visual with their templates, some play music in the background (alike, some use IM widgets such as a Shoutbox, while others simply showcase their flair for writing. This somewhat confirms my notion that Asians place more emphasis on personalization / customization more than our American counterparts.

After spending the first entire weekend reading their blogs (my gawd, cerebral overload!), I also find that Asian students tend to view blogs as simply online personal diaries. Though it’s hard to break that mindset, I’m trying to have them keep an open-mind towards the potential of blogs (e.g. for citizen journalism).

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