Yes, YOU can take my Mass Media Effects class…

Effects of Mass Media @ SIM (Spring '07)
Here’s a rough panorama of our first day at COM242: Mass Media Effects. I just realized that my photos are being used in several places already

I’m making both my COM125 (Internet) and COM242 (Mass Media Effects) classes open for public participation. Do feel free to drop comments on our students’ blogs!

With all this talk about social media in COM125, it’s only fair if I share some of the excitement over at my COM242 class which is about the effects of mass media. As communication researchers, it’s important to first understand the lineage of mass media theories, over the course of our modern history.

For this week, I had them experience the “witch” scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, as well as the original 1938 radio screenplay for “The War of the Worlds”.

How do these related to mass media theories?
See what they had to say…

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