Going to Macworld in Second Life…

Macworld 2007 in Second Life

As reported on TUAW earlier, if you can’t go to SF for Steve’s keynote at Macworld, you can do so virtually in Second Life (See screenshots).

Those crazy Germans from mac-essentials.de have built an island in the shape of the Apple logo, complete with the signature Apple Glass cube store on 5th Ave!

It’s one thing to read text updates via a blog, and another to be in the company of mac fanatics from around the world, watching updates on a big screen together in Second Life. Feels almost like being there. If you have a Second Life account, just click here to teleport to the island.

One thought on “Going to Macworld in Second Life…

  1. The server had better cope with the number of attendees online, who are likely to be decked out in various prims. : ) Seriously though, for the few SL group events I’ve attended so far, I haven’t encountered any serious lag problems. But on one occasion, participants were told to remove any unnecessary prims. I thought it could be a start of some SL Conference Dress Code, heh.

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