Want the juice on Macworld? Try Twitter.

Twitter Macworld

Twitter has been around for a bit, made by the same people behind Odeo, that podcasting service. I think Twitter’s gonna be big in Singapore since we’re all SMS crazy here. Combine that with the ability to update all your friends via web, IM, and even your blog, and you’re golden. I only wish it could somehow help me detect other twitter users in my neighborhood.

If Popagandhi and MrBrown can’t convince you to join Twitter, then perhaps Macworld can. You can now add Macworld as a friend on Twitter and get the latest scoop from Steve’s keynote as they emerge, thanks to Factory Joe. There’s me too, but I’m concerned about getting “I’m scratching my balls now…” kind of sousveillance from everyone, so I’m playing this cool.

Update 1: If you’re on Twitter and want strangers to know your every move (i.e. you’re sick like us), feel free to drop your nick in the comments.

Update 2: Nothing beats Stickam in terms of creepiness though…