Today’s Links: Muji fascinates me all over again…

Muji's easy to dispose drink carton
See the package’s lower right diagram on how to recycle? Click to see all my Muji product shots…

5 thoughts on “Today’s Links: Muji fascinates me all over again…

  1. Top 10 Wired Colleges by PC Magazine
    When MrBig and I entered UB, the campus was ranked 13th in the States. Now it’s not even in the Top 20

    Yup… it’s heading south. Can’t believe we pay technology fee for crappy technology. There are still not enough terminal during peak time, a layer of guke on the keyboard and mouse, aged pcs, spam-filled email system, etc… The only improvement is th printing service (which they improved by restricting [read: take away] the amount students can print.).

    So where has all the focused been? Is Simpson doing his job? Just heard on the radio that UB is ranked 77th on Kiplinger’s Best Value Public University for out of state students. SUNY Geneseo is the top-ranked SUNY school on the list. University at Albany No. 46, Fredonia No. 61, Plattsburgh No. 84 and SUNY at New Paltz No. 90.

    They have slightly different ranking for instate students, but… Whatever! there are links that show the survey rankings in detail.

  2. Ditto on Muji. I still have Muji stuff that’s 15 years old and cho-kakui.

    Note that my new school, Quinnipiac, made the list at #9. Not spectacular, but not bad for a school that is by far the smallest on the list.

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