Where’s Penny?

Singapore Day 3

Before 2006 comes to a close, I’ve a confession to make. This is for the times I get asked “Where’s Penny?” and when they tell me how she’s going to be so happy now that I’m home. Well, I’m sharing the sad news that it’s game over for both Penny and I.

Since I probably won’t finish my doctoral program till at least a year more, we’ve decided to call it quits. She’s endured the long distance for a portion of our six year relationship, and it’s one more year too long as we reach our 30s. I’m beyond depressed at this stage, but I wish her all the best for the new year with our new separate lives.

Upon reflection, every relationship is literally a new life. Each time we go through a breakup, we die spiritually, but we are soon reborn (respawned) and given a chance to start over. Looking back at the myriad of “lives” I’ve had the fortune of living, I feel blessed. Every life has taught me something new, and hopefully enough to make me a better man.

Before I go, a stranger once dropped me an email asking how I met Penny. Her reason for asking: “You 2 guys don’t seem much alike, though she seems like a really nice girl”. To answer, I met Penny at work in Singapore. We’re different, but it’s enjoyably humbling in that way.

A message to myself: Kevin, don’t look back and you’ll be fine.

17 thoughts on “Where’s Penny?

  1. through i m a stranger to you, i have been a regular guest to your blog.
    really sorry to hear about that, especially at this time. i can understand how you feel right now as i experienced the same thing not long ago.
    but no matter what, u got to move on, as what you told youself, you will be fine!

    Happy New Year.


  2. Elia, Leisa and ShanShan: Thanks for the kind thoughts. I thought of mulling my remaining hours in front of my laptop, but figured I might as well get out and try to enjoy the countdown festivities. 🙂

  3. Hi Kevin, sorry to hear about that. All the things we go through, whether good or bad, are lessons to be learned. I agree with what you said in your third paragraph. Take care!

  4. Hey,I did saw u on the night ! Ha ha . Remember the dude with a RUDE cap ?? Sorry didn’t talk with you cos, aiyah was wondering maybe u didn’t know who am I. Only saw ur comments today … been out the whole weekend !

    Reiki was saying she will meet up with u , I’ll be there 😉

  5. Kev, this is really strange. I am behind in my reader but was thinking of this question yesterday… “where’s Penny”. I kinda guessed and then logged on and read this post. I’m so sorry… school can be so difficult on the other parts of life.

  6. Bro, I know the feelin’. PhDs suck, distance sucks and well, what can I say. Have an ice cream or some other comfort food, read a good book, hang with some friends, etc. That stuff helps.


  7. Jenn, Jeff and PS: The PhD route has given me more than I bargained for, but it didn’t come without warning from my first mentor / advisor Alex Halavais. It’s hard to understand how trying it can be until you really experience it. On a different note, this also means that I shouldn’t find a mate until I’m done with my program… I think I should just become a monk.

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