Video: Leaving Buffalo on Christmas to teach in Singapore…

If you don’t already know, the countdown timer on my blog sidebar has now reached zero. In a few hours, I’ll be taking a plane to Singapore and I can’t wait to meet up with family and friends back home.

This time my stay is going to be extended though, as I will be teaching the Spring semester of UB’s Communication programme at the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). Specifically, I’ll be teaching both COM125: Intro to Internet as well as COM242: Mass Media Effects and I hope the kids will be ready for me. I’ve been preparing course material with fellow instructors so it’s going to be fun!

Having bid my farewells to my Buffalo-bound friends (see video above), I’ve been looking forward to this change and some of my personal motivations for taking up this teaching position include:
1. To challenge myself by breaking routine (in Buffalo for 6 yrs already!)
2. To see if teaching is really for me.
3. To build a more diverse and professional C.V.
4. To make some money and save for my future.
5. To conduct intercultural research in Singapore and Buffalo.
6. To see whether my future lies in Singapore or the States.
7. To scope out relevant career opportunities.

My teaching stint will start from 15th Jan till 30th April. After which I plan to spend time writing my papers and return to Buffalo in July to finish up my program. I’ll be inviting guest lecturers, and since I’m bursting with ideas, I will be podcasting (sharing) as much of the class content as possible. As always, I’m inviting you to share your thoughts as well. Always looking for an edge.

Stay tuned and wish me good luck! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Video: Leaving Buffalo on Christmas to teach in Singapore…

  1. Wayne: Thanks, and do I know you? 🙂

    Jim: Sorry that I didn’t keep you posted, but it’s not permanent so I’ll be back soon. Good luck with your podcasting workshops! 🙂

  2. Thanks GrEg! See you soon 🙂

    Ivan: I’m definitely going to have the SIM students experience multi-user virtual environments sometime in a later part of the Internet class. I’ll be talking to you and Vanessa about this when I get back as I’ve some ideas in store.

  3. Wandie: You must be a fan too! 🙂

    Sacrelicious: Why not? If you’re interested, I’ll be sharing details of the class syllabus.This blog is in serious need of a revamp to accommodate all the stuff I’m doing.

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