Currently connecting via Newark International Airport

godiva mocha and wired

Had your Christmas dinner? Well, this is mine… At the airport lounge with a bottle of Godiva Mocha and the latest issue of Wired. Eighteen hours of flying ahead of me, but I hear this SQ21 flight is really something (e.g. nice leather seats, a snack bar, etc). Stay tuned for in-flight photos where permissable.

About this distance record breaking flight, Peter told me how these non-stop flights travel via the Earth’s hemisphere. This is where there is less of an atmosphere to protect us, which means three things: 1) I might get to see Santa at the North Pole, 2) This is as close to outer space I think I’ll ever get, 3) Medically speaking, we can only take this route a few times a year, since we’re risking chances of cancer by cosmic radiation.

Don’t believe me? Go google it.. I’m writing this from my T-mobile Sidekick so I can’t go link-happy today.

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas y’all!

4 thoughts on “Currently connecting via Newark International Airport

  1. Later… I googled SQ21 and the first few hits are a book called Singapore Queers in the 21st Century. For some reason this seems really appropriate to me. ­čÖé

  2. Elia: My pleasure!

    M-H: Spot on! I was actually marveling at that particular book when it appeared in a local bookstore. Nice to see real diversity in Singapore, which isn’t really as culturally diverse as countries such as the States.

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