Dear Macworld, Logitech Revolution mice ain’t that “ultimate”…

Logitech VX Revolution notebook mouse
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The latest issue of Macworld gave the Logitech MX Revolution a full five stars, which makes me wonder if they really tried the so-called “ultimate mouse” at all. I recently got the VX Revolution (notebook mouse version) on sale using Google Checkout and after installing it on our Macs, it became pretty evident that there was a lot left to be desired. While the mouse’s design is impressive, less so can be said about the Logitech Control Center (i.e. Mac driver) which makes it work.

While it sounds promising that the Logitech Control Center (LCC) supports both Power PC and Intel based Macs, and the Revolution mice with MicroGear Precision Scrolling and One-Touch Search features, any form of scrolling (vertical / tilt) with this mouse is a complete joke.

Just look at these Logitech forum postings:

As Mac users, the The “Scroll Increment” control accelerates the up direction twice as much as the down direction. Setting the “Acceleration” to “None” causes large scroll increments with no acceleration. A slightly higher value causes tiny scroll increments with some acceleration. Setting the “Acceleration” to “Max” is the same as setting it to “None”. The sideways wheel doesn’t do crap. The options are “Switch Application,” “Zoom,” and “Nothing.” Why’d you even bother putting the wheel there if it can’t do anything useful?

I agree. I’m using LCC 2.1.1 with OS 10.4.2- I am unable to scroll horizontally while shift-scrolling, the tilt-wheel useless for horizontal scrolling (the maximum setting is snail-slow). It would be real nice to have the thumb wheel do some more. It seems like the “setpoint” app for windows fixes many of these problems. No such thing for OSX that I’ve seen…. Am I the only one who can’t shift scroll to scroll horizontally?

I’ve used Logitech’s mice, keyboard, controllers to good effect before, but this has just let me down. The company itself isn’t responsive enough to give any resolution to this problem, so my advice to you is to stay clear of these “ultimate mice” until they get their Mac drivers fixed.

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  1. Dude, I just bought VX this week too, and I have my own concerns from the windows/firefox/blogger/music lover perspective.

    I really think the reviews that have been circulating on the web is MISLEADING. Logitech sure did a good job in convincing reviewers… I bought mine because of those reviews, and now I’m paying for it.

    Will be doing a review on it, stay tuned.

  2. I bought the VX Revolution as well and the drivers do need to be updated for Mac OS X. It’s a good mouse (when used on Windows) but other than that they really do need to upgrade the drivers for Mac OS X. A few things that bug me: Seems to not work on my “old” PowerBook G4 1GHz non USB 2.0 ports. I have to plug it into a D-Link PCMCIA USB 2.0 adapter. Also, after about 5 minutes, the mouse clicks do not work (seems to go to sleep) and I have to wait about 30 seconds until they “wake up”.

  3. Vantan: It’s little things like that which matters… how a good thing can be ruined by something so small.

    Kance: Ouch, sounds like you’re worse off than me. I really hope Logitech gets their act together and fix this buggy Mac driver.

  4. I’m having my own set of problems with the VX Revolution’s Mac drivers.

    First off, I had to copy the “Global” button settings to each and every pre-loaded program, and I had to do this on both the usernames I work under. About four-fifths of the time when I set a button to simulate a keystroke with a modifier (or certain other executions) it would crash the Device Manager, forcing me to quit System Preferences and restart it to open Device Manager again. It literally took me two hours to customize my mouse (I had custom settings for Photoshop, Firefox, and Final Cut Pro), and that’s only because I gave up on figuring out what the Scroll Settings did. The increment scale does absolutely nothing in the programs I tested it in (I verified this), and the acceleration settings were just confusing.

    To top it all off, it doesn’t work properly in some programs. World of Warcraft is just one which is widely known. . . the scroll wheel is almost unusable in it no matter what the setting (it turns off and on, it seems), and the only buttons which are recognized by WoW are the thumb buttons, middle button, and the regular left and right buttons. This seems to be independent of what functions the buttons are set to in the Device Manager.

    I found this page looking for third-party drivers, which I heard work better (imagine that!). It really is a pity because I *LOVE* the mouse itself, and as far as my work in Final Cut Pro is concerned, it ups my productivity at least 150%, no joke. For anyone who can deal with the software issues, I do recommend the mouse itself. I’ll post here again if I find good third-party drivers.

  5. Rejoice! (maybe)

    I uninstalled the Logitech drivers and downloaded the SteerMouse drivers instead, and I cannot praise the makers enough for their interface design and functionality. I may have different needs than the rest of you, so someone else try these drivers out and verify.

    I have not tested World of Warcraft yet, but unless I come back and post here, the new drivers did the trick.

    Seriously, you think Logitech would just copy these guys. . . and you’d think more people (like us) would have known about SteerMouse.

  6. I’m finding that on my MacBook Pro, the VX Revolution stays connected for about 30 seconds, max, unless I’m actually using it. Sometimes, I need to unplug and replug the receiver to make it reconnect. Annoying.

    Anyone have any ideas?

  7. steermouse 3.9 can be used after uninstalling log control center, i had issues now all buttons scrolling etc work fine

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